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The audit score 50/100 is a measure of how well the token contract and characteristics meet the criteria for safety. Results may not be applicable if the token is in presale. Automated scanners like this one are limited and not always completely accurate. A token with a high score may still have hidden malicious code. The score is not advice and should be considered along with other factors. Always do your own research and consult multiple sources of information.

Swap Analysis

Contract Analysis

Verified contract source

The contract source code was not uploaded/verified on BscScan and therefore cannot be analyzed for vulnerabilities.

Ownership or source contains an owner contract

The contract contains ownership functionality and ownership is not renounced which may allow the creator or current owner to modify contract behavior (for example: disable selling, change fees, or mint new tokens). There can be legitimate reasons for not renouncing ownership, check with the project team for such information.

Holder Analysis

Owner/creator wallet contains less than 5% of circulating token supply.. (0%)


In the previous 24 hours, the price of has fluctuated between % and %, which is basically down by %. The currency has seen a - - on an hourly basis. The current market capitalization of is $0, keeping it in the market capitalization rank of . The total volume was at $0. In terms of market capitalization, comes in with a 24-hour trading volume of $0. There are now 0 in circulation, with a total supply of 0 .

The price of is now $0. Its price has fallen by % percent in the previous 24 hours. Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile market that is impossible to anticipate. It demands a high level of skill and understanding to trade successfully.

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