Bombcrypto (BCOIN) – Full Review

Play to earn gaming has started becoming a large industry over the past year because gamers receive money for playing video games. Not much is better than that. 

Popular play to earn games include Axie Infinity and Pexagy, which are both found in the greater Ethereum ecosystem. 

Ethereum isn’t the only blockchain that supports play to earn gaming, though. The Binance Smart Chain has all the technology to support play to earn gaming. 

It’s mostly full of projects that will not amount to much. However, one play to earn game on Binance Smart Chain stands out from the sea of scams and unpromising projects. 

It’s a game called Bomb Crypto. Players in the game control a group of characters that search for BCOIN and fight monsters on different levels. 

That’s a very brief overview of Bomb Crypto. The rest of the article will go into detail on the game, the native token BCOIN, and the future of this project. 

What is Bomb Crypto?

The story of the game takes place on a world called Bomberland. It’s a peaceful world where everyone got along until an evil force took over the planet. The force took the property of all the residents (BCOIN). A team of scientists created robot/cyborgs to fight the evil forces. 

These robots/cyborgs are what the player controls when fighting evil. 

This is not the best backstory. But it’s not super important for the overall viability of the project. It’s mostly filler to make the game feel more complete. 

People play games like this to earn money. The studios know this and usually, put little to no effort into the game’s story. 

We will still give credit to the developers for at least writing a backstory for the game. 

Anyway, the game has three different game modes:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Story
  • Battle (player vs. player)

It’s possible to earn BCOIN in all the modes. The only requirement to play in the modes is a Bomber Hero NFT. 

What are Bomber Heroes?

Bomber Heroes are the characters that the player controls. These characters are NFTs, which is fairly standard in the play to earn gaming industry. 

A player can purchase a Bomber Hero, buy one at auction from another player, or they can find them in-game. Bomber Heroes come in a few different levels of rarity ranging from common to legend and can have a variety of different attributes. The rarer Bomber Heroes are more valuable than the common ones and some attributes are more valuable or rare than others. 

All You Need To Know About BCOIN

The previous section covered the game and some of the details of the game. It’s not super important to know the backstory, but it is worth noting because Bomb Crypto is one of the few play to earn games that feels like a real videogame rather than a click to earn game (Pegaxy) or some form of gambling mixed with a game of skill (Axie Infinity). 

With that out of the way, this section will go into detail about BCOIN. We will cover the tokenomics, the token allocation, and other relevant information about the token you should know. 

BCOIN Tokenomics

BCOIN has fairly standard tokenomics for a blockchain game. The maximum supply is fixed at 100 million BCOIN. BCOIN is generated in-game as a reward for playing. 

It does have a burn mechanism in place because Bomber Heroes can be unlocked for more upgrades by spending BCOIN. It’s also possible to upgrade the Bomber Hero’s house using BCOIN, which has the potential to unlock special abilities for the Bomber Hero. 

BCOIN Token Allocation

BCOIN has a rather annoying token allocation that is this:

  • Private Sale: 6 million (6%)
    • This usually means a low priced pre-sale for venture capitalists and other privileged investors.
  • IDO: 5 million (5%)
  • PancakeSwap Listing: 1 million (1%)
  • Play to Earn Rewards: 20 million (20%)
    • This allocation will grow as more players join the ecosystem.
  • Staking Rewards: 20 million (20%)
  • Ecosystem Fund: 6 million (6%)
  • Team: 25 million (25%)
    • Locked for 1 year and then vest over 1 year.
  • Advisors: 3 million (3%)
    • Locked for 1 year and then vest over 1 year.
  • DEX Liquidity: 5 million (5%)
    • Locked for one month then vest at 5% per month.
  • Reserves: 12 million (12%)
    • Locked for 1 year then vest over 2 years.

We do not like this token allocation. 34% total for the team, advisors, and a private sale is too high in our opinion. And a private sale with no generally means venture capitalists and investment firms can purchase tokens for basically free. If there’s no locked period, then that makes it even more lucrative. 

This allocation, however, makes sense when you look at the investors in the project – there are a lot of Vietnamese and Singaporean investment firms on the list. 

Note: The studio behind Bomb Crypto is Vietnamese and based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It appears that Southeast Asian investment firms like play to earn games as Pegaxy, Axie Infinity, and Bomb Crypto are all Vietnamese companies that have received investment from Vietnamese or Singaporean investment groups. 

Who Founded Bomb Crypto?

Bomb Crypto is developed by a studio called Senspark. The studio has been around since 2011, which is long before the blockchain was known by people. The studio switched to blockchain gaming with the release of Bomb Crypto in late 2021. 

The founder and CEO of Senspark, the studio behind Bomb Crypto, is a Vietnamese man named Lam Ho. Ho is a well known figure in the Vietnamese gaming industry and has received many awards for his games. 

Senspark also employs over 50 people to run the project.

Bomb Crypto is not some fly by night operation. It’s a legitimate project by a legitimate team

Is BCOIN a Good Investment?

This mostly depends on your faith in the Senspark and your thoughts on the game. We strongly recommend having some familiarity with the underlying game if you plan on investing in a play to earn game’s utility token. 

As for us, we actually like the game and that the developers have put effort into crafting an interesting story. We know the story is not particularly great by gaming standards, but it’s something. 

People come to earn money and stay for the story.

The only thing that gives us pause about this project is the ridiculous allocation to the developers, advisors, and the pre-sale. 34% is simply too high in our opinion.

With that out of the way, this is still a good project from a technical standpoint and the team behind it is great. It’s also unique in that it’s probably the most promising game on Binance Smart Chain. 

To summarize, this project has a good team and a decent game on a blockchain known for having a lot of scams. The only concerning thing is the 34% allocation to insiders, which many investors will just ignore.

Closing Thoughts

That covers it for our review of Bomb Crypto (BCOIN). It’s one of the more interesting blockchain games because the focus appears to be on the game first rather than simply creating a money machine. 

The large amount of interest from venture capital firms and investment firms does make us nervous about the long term viability of the project, though. Those firms have a tendency to focus on making their 10x as quickly as possible and then dumping the token.

Bombcrypto (BCOIN) – Full Review