How to Invest 100$? 11 Smart Ways to Make Your Money Grow

Do you want to find out how you can start investing without having to worry about your savings? In this article, we will review 11 smart ways of how you can invest $100 to gain an immediate return. So, let’s begin.

Investing in Dividend Stocks

Stable organizations that perform well all the time frequently offer profits to their investors. Regardless of whether you get one stock, if it’s a dividend stock, you can re-contribute the profits. You can also purchase more stock. This way, you can increase your portfolio without exhausting your bank balance.

Put investment in short-term cash investments

Certificate of Deposits (CDs) offers market risk insurance for your money while shielding it safe from being spent. You have to deposit a fixed amount of cash for a predefined period. You will receive an interest in return. The more money you deposit, the bigger the profit.

Invest in your personal development. This is a type of investment with the potential for an extraordinary rate of return. Taking classes and gaining new skills can improve your winning power. Your $100 could transform into something a lot bigger with the correct strategy

Index Funds

Organizations like Charles Schwab don’t have a minimum balance prerequisite for Index funds. The primary Index fund pursues the S&P 500, yet you can discover some more. Index funds offer the enhancement each portfolio ought to have.

Moreover, you’ll likely need to acknowledge and depreciating stocks. The expectation is that the gratefulness is more than the depreciating, so despite everything, you see a profit.


Stash is an investing platform that makes it simple to begin with as meager as $5. You’ll become familiar with the nuts and bolts so you can do it without anyone’s help.

What’s more, here’s the best part: If you sign up their free application they’ll offer you $5!

However, they charge you a $1 maintenance fee every month. They also charge you 0.25% for accounts under $5,000.

Thus, on the off chance that you are enamored with a specific organization and you’d like to put down your bets on them, Stash very well might be the ticket.

Start a Blog

If there’s one thing in most people’s lives that would be considered “The Game Changer” it would be starting the blog. Not just have people affected the lives of a million with the blog post they’ve published, but they’ve likewise made a hefty amount of money.

The one thing people use to cherish about beginning a blog is that it doesn’t take a great deal of cash to start. Actually, for under $100, you can have your blog live in less than 20 minutes.

Purchase books

This doesn’t mean your cozy shoreline read. We mean self-improvement books/guides, regardless of whether it’s to gain or adopt a new skill or to change your habits or mentality. Frequently, the most considerable snag to progress is you. Any book that will enable you to change your ways could profit you down the road.


Flipping isn’t only for houses. You can flip items as well. If you have a seasoned eye for hot things at deals/sales or on Craigslist, put it all on the line. Take your $100 and purchase those things.

Pivot and sell them for a profit. You will have a quick return. This is an incredible side hustle gig as it doesn’t require much time and has almost no overhead. You can do this in your spare time, while as yet making your full-time income.

Purchase Individual Stocks

$100 probably won’t get you a ton of stocks, however putting investment into one right stock may profit. With the help of a discount broker, for example, Ally can help keep your exchanging expenses down. Ally offers research tools to enable you to pick the correct stock. Investing in individual stocks as opposed to ETFs can allow you to do better than the market average. You can begin investing with no minimum deposit on Ally Invest.

Pay off Your Debt

Paying off your debt quicker is an incredible investment. The interest rate on credit card debt averages around 14%.

You’ll be unable to make a 14% ROI by putting investments into an index fund. By placing your $100 bill towards your credit card debt, you’re sparing yourself $14 of interest. That is a quick profit for your investment.


On the off chance that you travel a great deal, spending your Benjamin on making your tours progressively efficient can enable you to set aside a heap of cash and time.

Purchase something today that will set aside your cash or time as time goes on. On the off chance that you fly a great deal, possibly it’s the Recheck program ($85), so you can quickly finish airport security a lot quicker, which will set aside your time, cash, and stress.

One more tip on going via air: put investment into specific blankets. Returning home from a trip, we needed to sleep on awful airport carpet on benches because our flight was canceled. Put some investment into some pillows as well.

Save for School/College

$100 won’t purchase your child a school reading material nowadays, yet it’s a beginning. Anything will help pay off student debt not far off. Set up a 529 fund and begin saving at this point. As a little something extra, you get the tax savings, which promotes the return on your investment.

How to Invest 100$? 11 Smart Ways to Make Your Money Grow