The rise in popularity of memes coins has led to the creation of tools tailored specifically to help meme coin investors manage their portfolio of meme coins. One of those tools is contained in a project called RUN DOGE.  

Now, RUN DOGE has not actually released any tool to help make investing easier. In fact, the project has launched nothing more than a token with a few staking pools on the Binance Smart Chain. It appears that the idea of this project launching any sort of investor tool is an afterthought.

Anyway, this article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about RUN DOGE. 

What is RUN DOGE?

RUN DOGE is a project on the Binance Smart Chain that plans on launching some sort of tool to help meme coin investors make wise investments in meme coins. 

The project will also have an entire ecosystem that will help run the meme coin industry. This ecosystem will include a DAO, a decentralized exchange, and yield farms. 

That’s about all the information available about RUN DOGE on their official website and Medium page. 

As we said, this project does not have very much depth to it. The official website is a .co domain, which is one of the cheapest domains available and commonly associated with scams. 

The main focus of the project appears to be launching some sort of yield farm. 

RUN DOGE Token Information

The token has a total supply of 666,666,666,666 RUNDOGE and there is a 2% tax on all purchases and sales. The market cap is fairly small at only $2 million USD. 

A Medium article written by the team discusses staking rewards for early buyers, but we do not see any information about how to stake the tokens on the website. 

The price history for this token also does not look very promising. 

The project launched on May 1, 2022 and almost immediately dropped to zero. 

The Problems With RUN DOGE

We have a lot of problems with RUN DOGE. Some of these problems might seem insignificant, but the combination of all the relatively small problems does cause some concern. 

Here are some of the problems that we immediately see with RUN DOGE. 

Rip Off of Kawakami

The first, and biggest, problem we have with RUN DOGE is that the project appears to be a direct ripoff of a different crypto project called Kawakami. The two websites are the exact same — RUN DOGE did not even change the names of the team members. 

None of the Kawakami team members list RUN DOGE on their LinkedIn accounts or other social media accounts, which we find extremely suspicious. 

This one fact alone leads us to believe that something nefarious is going on with this project. It’s most likely a very poorly done fork, so we will not slander the Kawakami founders for anything that RUN DOGE does.

This does explain why the project discusses things like yield farming and NFTs when those aspects of the project have not even launched on RUN DOGE.

Where’s The Whitepaper?

We cannot find a whitepaper for RUN DOGE anywhere on their website. We are sure it exists because we do see it referenced in places. 

However, if the whitepaper is not easily accessible, then that’s a very bad sign for the project. 

The Website Says Nothing

Finally, the website looks decent, but it doesn’t mention much about the project. It’s also a template website design.

That’s a huge red flag in our opinion. 

Basically, the founders of these projects pump out a lot of different projects, so they just buy HTML templates instead of designing their own website. 

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with using a template, but it just makes the project look very generic. 

One more thing, the website doesn’t even have a favicon, which indicates that the founders are not putting much effort into the project. 

Is RUN DOGE a Scam?

RUN DOGE is most likely a scam. The project directly ripped off another project’s website, which also looks like a scam to be fair. 

We are not talking about borrowing some of the theme ideas from the website, either. No, RUN DOGE literally has the same website as Kawakami. They just swapped out the word Kawakami for RUN DOGE and changed the social media links. 

Even without that major problem, RUN DOGE just doesn’t look like a very good project. The founders have explained next to nothing about the project nor how they plan on achieving any of the goals that they have stated. 

Finally, the token’s price chart looks like that of a project that has already rugged. 

Closing Words

Overall, RUN DOGE has a sort of interesting idea for a project — a tool to help meme coin investors. However, the founders really need to flesh out the idea and explain the problem they plan on solving for anyone to take it seriously. 

The sad reality is that we are almost 100% certain that this is nothing more than a scam.