VHCEx Reveals Trader Structures to Close the Crypto Income Gap

MANILA, Philippines – A virtual asset exchange named VHCEx aims to help the depositors in the Philippines in the cryptocurrency world.

Only limited depositors make an income primarily due to the privation of knowledge about cryptocurrency exchanges, as per the research conducted by IW Capital. VHCEx found an answer that’ll allow fascinated investors who want to know more about digital assets. Moreover, it permits new clients as well to learn more about how to trade like an expert.

VHCEx is a digital asset that’s based in the Philippines. This company was founded by Jenn Lim in 2018, along with Lee Jian Hong. Lim (CEO) and Hong (COO) founded this cryptocurrency with a mission to make a basic yet protected trading exchange for investors and traders in the crypto marketplace.

According to Lim, he stated that exchanging a digital asset for income is not laidback, especially for newbies. He also mentioned that clients could counterfeit the professional dealers they desire and produce a profit to the crypto properties. Moreover, he said that these users could copy these traders any trading time, as well.

Lim explained that the VHCEx scheme is a smooth exchanging experience of the digital asset market. The VHCEx Mirror, on the other hand, is a tactically advanced add-on feature to support the new depositors. The assistance provided in this scheme is to outdo the investment moves of the traders. Also, this feature is to learn the financing approach from expert traders.

VHCEx utilizes a process called crowdsourcing. The depositors can select from a cluster of lead traders to tail, based on the investment moves of the traders. Also, they can choose the profile, whichever is available.

Lim stated that they work on a transparent financial method that’ll allow clients to sneak at the profiles, strategies, and portfolios of the leaders. Moreover, he shared that investors can click on the copy button after making a decision, and this way will automatically shadow the move of their desired traders.

VHCEx set out some requirements for traders before joining the program. These users must be expert investors, and they should have a positive funding growth record from an unswerving trading scheme for two months. Now, the platform has little lead investors to cater to various desires of investors.

The lead investors are compensated for sharing their knowledge and skills with the program’s clients. These investors would gain an 8% commission, along with any lucrative trade they get through the funds of followers. Furthermore, these are eligible to earn a monthly bonus of $800.

Aside from the stated rewards, the investors gain a 9% yearly bonus, which is given monthly. 

VHCEx Reveals Trader Structures to Close the Crypto Income Gap