Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) – Is It a Scam?

Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) was a dog coin on the Binance Smart Chain. It rugged a few days after launch, but the project has seen minimal amounts of trading interest since the initial rug pull, so it’s worth discussing. 

What is (was) Baby Cheems Inu (BCI)?

As we mentioned in the intro, Baby Cheems Inu was a dog coin on BSC. We cannot find much information about it because the scammers behind the project have deleted the associated website and social media accounts. 

We can take a good guess that the project came from anonymous developers, made big promises, and had a poorly written whitepaper. 

These scammy projects all look somewhat similar. In fact, they look similar enough that we believe that they are founded by the same people. 

There’s really not much that you need to know about these projects. They are fairly obvious scams meant to target people that have a limited understanding of memecoins. 

Is Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) a Scam?

Yes, it appears that Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) is a scam. The website for the token appears to have been taken down and the social media accounts for the project appear inactive. 

That’s a good sign that a project has rugged. 

How To Spot Dog Coin Scams

It is not difficult to spot dog coin scams. The first rule you should go in with when it comes to dog coins, especially dog coins on Binance Smart Chain, is that they are all scams. 

Will you miss out on some legitimate dog coins with this strategy?

Yes, you will miss out on some legitimate dog coins. However, so many dog coins are scams that you will likely make money in the long term just by avoiding all of them. 

Anyway, spotting scammy dog coins is not super difficult. Just look for the following characteristics:

  • No whitepaper or poorly written whitepaper.
  • Big promises.
    • Usually a future NFT launch, staking platform, or DEX.
  • The website is poorly written, designed, and contains very limited information.
  • No mention of deadlines on the website or whitepaper. 
  • Conflicting information about tokenomics on the whitepaper or website.
  • Anonymous developers.

The bullet points listed above should have you covered for avoiding most of the scams. Some of the dog coin scammers are a little more sophisticated, but not many of them are that sophisticated. 

Is Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) a Good Investment?

No, Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) is a bad investment and appears to be some sort of scam. We would strongly discourage you from investing in the project despite it still having some positive price activity. 

If you want to invest in a dog coin, then stick to the well-established dog coins like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. 

Closing Words

That covers it for all you need to know about Baby Cheems Inu. This project is a scam and not a very elaborate one at that. 

It does still have some trading activity on PancakeSwap for some reason, but it is a coin that you should most certainly avoid. 

Baby Cheems Inu (BCI) – Is It a Scam?