Do We See Finally The EUR Fall?

As we wrote yesterday, we see that the EUR/USD is in our Yellow Zone. This means in the bigger picture, the market has made a good retracement.
In this Yellow Zone, we waiting until we get one of our signals.

As well the AUD/USD and NZD/USD are very well.
On the AUD/USD, we hitting the round number of 0.6800 this seems like a good resistance.
We are looking from that level some entries with our trendsetter strategy.

NZD/USD is from the other two the worst pair but still better then the other 7 Pairs we don’t get something out from.
NZD/USD Retracet 61% from the last Impuls. I still expect a little bit to the upside because our blueline still didn’t get hit.

So as soon the NZD/USD hits the 0.64800 – 0.6500, we are looking for shorts.

The other Pairs are not interesting today.

Happy Trading.

Do We See Finally The EUR Fall?