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Everything You Need to Know About Pedagog/LOL (LOL)

Online learning has become a major industry worldwide with revenues in the billions per years. There are courses available for just about everything online – you can find courses on everything from rocket science to Google Ads. 

There isn’t a blockchain version of online learning, though. The major players in the industry are all centralized corporations like Skillshare, Khan Academy, Udemy, and so on. One blockchain project is attempting to make a name for itself in the online learning industry.

That project is Pedagog, which is an online learning platform that uses a cryptocurrency token to gamify online learning. It’s an interesting idea but a flawed one that has not seen much success. 

Anyway, this article will cover absolutely everything you need to know about LOLTOKEN and Pedagog. We will also offer insight into the investment possibilities of this token. 

What is Pedagog and LOLTOKEN?

LOLTOKEN is the native token of the Pedagog platform. Pedagog is an online learning resource similar to Skillshare or Udemy. LOLTOKEN is used to gamify the online learning experience by allowing users to earn LOL for any activity they do on the Pedagog platform.

The token is on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. It can be used to pay for course on Pedagog in order to receive a 20% discount and play educational games and tournaments on Pedagog. Winning the games and tournaments will result in a reward paid in LOL tokens.

LOL had a public sale of 19.2 million LOL (8% of the total supply) and a private sale of 48 million LOL (20% of the total supply). 

This project has received a lot of support from institutional investors. The project was founded by Dr. Yao-Lao Chang and has a distinguished list of advisors and team members from the educational and business world. 

All that said, the performance of the token has been a complete disaster, and the project has almost completely failed. We will cover some of the many problems with LOLTOKEN and Pedagog in the next section.

The Many Problems with LOLTOKEN

Here are some of the issues that we have with LOLTOKEN. We find it unusual that a project with so many legitimate businessmen could fail so spectacularly, which goes to show that having the experience and knowledge oftentimes is not all it takes to be successful in the world of cryptocurrency.

The Name

Our first issue with LOLTOKEN is the name of the cryptocurrency – LOLTOKEN. 

That is the type of name we would expect to see from a meme coin. Why did an online learning project decide to name its token LOLCOIN?

It’s a completely ridiculous name and leaves a bad impression. It’s almost difficult to take the project seriously with a name like LOLCOIN. 

Does Online Learning Need a Blockchain Application?

Our bigger issue with LOLCOIN and Pedagog is the entire blockchain aspect. Why exactly does an online learning platform need a cryptocurrency token?

We can understand gamifying online learning. But using a cryptocurrency token seems completely pointless. 

We suspect but have no way of proving, that the cryptocurrency token is used so pre-sale investors can use the general public as exit liquidity. This brings us to our next point. 

Too Much Pre-Sale Volume

LOLTOKEN sold 20% of their total supply to private investors in a pre-sale. 

20% is a high percentage for a pre-sale, but it can be overlooked if the other 80% was sold in a public sale. 

That was not the case with LOLTOKEN. Only 8% of the total supply was sold to the public. 

That’s a massive problem because those early investors control such a large percentage of the total supply that they can completely crash the price by selling their tokens. And once the price crashes, the entire project crashes shortly thereafter. 

This might sound dramatic, but this is an extremely common scenario when cryptocurrency projects receive large investments from institutional investors because institutional investors only really care about making their 10x, 100x, or even 1,000x return. 

Institutional investors will sell their tokens for a 10x gain, even if it means completely tanking the price of the token and likely destroying the project in the process. 

The Design of Pedagog’s Website is Not Good

Another issue we have with this project is that the website design for Pedagog is not good. It looks like something a junior web designer built in a few hours. 

It’s also not great from a marketing perspective. It takes multiple scrolls below the fold to even reach the categories page for the different courses offered. 

All the major online learning websites have the categories page above the fold or directly under the fold. This makes perfect sense – that’s your core product and it should be one of the first things that users see on your website.

The first thing you see on the Pedagog website is this:

That has some small text about courses for as low as $4. But it mentions “Power Ahead in Your Career,” which does not tell you what Pedagog is about. 

They also include an email address in plaintext, which looks very amateurish. 

The next page is a map with all the learners from around the world. Again, that does not tell you what Pedagog does. 

It takes all the way until the third page to see the courses available for offer. 

That’s a horrible layout. The website also looks very amateurish and basic. 

It’s especially important for an online learning website to have a clean, professional looking website because it adds some authority. Do you want to buy an online learning course from a website that looks bad?

You probably do not want to do that. 

Is LOLTOKEN (LOL) a Good Investment?

We would not consider LOLTOKEN a good investment. We have issues with the website, the token name, and the large number of pre-sale tokens sold. 

To make matters worse, LOLTOKEN has a 24 hour trading volume of $0, according to CoinMarketCap, so it would be difficult to sell tokens because, apparently no one wants to buy them. 

The price chart is actually interesting, though. The token has gone through periods where the price collapsed, and trading volume dropped to zero and then recovered. We cannot really explain this, but we cannot recommend investing in a token with a 24 hour trading volume of $0. 

Final Thoughts

That covers everything you need to know about LOLTOKEN and Pedagog. This project falls into the “make everything a blockchain application.” Sadly, it seems that the large number of institutional investors have crashed the price of the token. 

Everything You Need to Know About Pedagog/LOL (LOL)