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Get Paid for Surveys

Performing on slopes online is a big business because you can make money from the comfort of home. Free time should be used these days to make money to pay your debts without any problem. Paid surveys are an easy and popular method to make money online by doing market research primarily.

Renumbered survey platforms are a kind of intermediary between customers and companies. The importance of this type of page is that you can make money by giving opinions or information to those companies. Knowing the most outstanding companies to do your surveys leads you to earn money without much effort.

What do you need to do surveys and earn money with them?

Conducting surveys is very simple, so you only need a computer or even a mobile phone with internet access. The best thing about surveys is that you don’t have to have a great deal of knowledge to answer the questions asked. Some surveys are done in a closed way, which makes it easy to answer only yes or no in each one.

Evaluating a survey page is due to the level it has between the number of surveys and the payment. Some pages are not very profitable because the money paid is far below, giving more expenses than profits. Getting a list and information on the news offered is important to register on the best survey pages.

What is the Best Money Betting Pages?

In the compilation, you can get the best pages to do surveys and earn extra money for your things. The best survey pages are as follows:

1. Mobrog

This is a German company that specializes in market research by facilitating paid surveys to millions of users worldwide. Since 2015, this page has shown that it works, allowing you to invest your time there. At least 3 million users have joined this page, thanks to the advantages it has for surveys.

The records of this company belong to SPLENDID RESEARCH GmbH. Money earned on this platform can be withdrawn through PayPal, giving quick withdrawals. It is available in American countries and also European countries such as Spain and registration is very easy to do.

To create an account on Mobrog, you only need to have an email that you can verify through a link that will be sent. Whenever surveys are available, you will be notified by email so that you can access them quickly and safely. Surveys are for a limited number of participants, so you should try to enter as soon as you see the notification.

The payments of this platform are very good because you also earn for each referral that is registered in your name. The payment for each referral is $ 0.80 or $ 1.25 after they complete three surveys correctly. You withdraw from $ 5, which guarantees a timely withdrawal, and it takes 24 or 48 hours to process.

2. Swagbucks

This is a very simple platform to work where you can make money and earn gift cards by answering questions. You take an online survey and complete it completely and earn value for doing it from your phone or computer. Companies and brands around the world pay to know their opinions regarding their products and their acceptance.

If you are the ones who enjoy giving an opinion of those who think about the products, this platform is for you. Imagine helping other companies to collect information that you often give away for free, but in this case, you get a payment. Currently, this company has an amount of more than 20 million members who have joined to work.

You can be part of one of them if you are interested in surveys and want to take advantage of them. Prodege, LLC owns this company and gives a 15-year job endorsement in the survey market. Each survey is worth between a dollar and 350 Swagbucks, and the second can be exchanged for online gifts.

There is a sign-up bonus that makes working stay on this paid survey site more promising. In addition to doing surveys, you can also perform other interesting tasks within this site. The availability of work on this page is found on all continents, making it very feasible to start earning.

Finally, you can earn on this site between $ 0.40 and two dollars being easy to make withdrawals.

3. Toluna

It is an excellent platform to conduct surveys and earn money for it without having to leave your case. The job of this platform is to do information gathering work for other companies using paid surveys. An important thing about this company is that the opinion of the participants is valued when doing the surveys giving a bonus.

You pay via PayPal, and you also receive other rewards for working on it, giving greater profitability. Points are generated for each survey, and this allows you to exchange it for real money coupons. Surveys are quick, which takes about 15 minutes to do and generate money for them.

Another modality outside the surveys where you can earn money with this platform is through very entertaining games.

4. InboxDollars

This is a legitimate company that pays for surveys and can be earned from your registration. By registering, you get a $ 5 bonus that you can withdraw after complying with the site conditions. Online surveys provide you with cash that you can use to cover your needs or as savings.

When you subscribe to certain offers, you also get on-site rewards earned money for every subscription you make there. In addition to surveys, you can watch videos or respond to emails to win on that platform by doing simple tasks.

The veracities of this page are supported by more than 10 million members who have obtained the rewards of their work.

5. VindaleResearch

It is a company with a long history in the market, giving profitability to many people to work from home. The paid surveys on this site are very well paid, which allows you to generate a good income. He has a positive faith in experiences paying more than 5 million members worldwide as a leader in surveys.

VindaleResearch surveys allow companies to do a business performance report. Surveys on this site are generally paid for $0.50 to $ 2. There are some surveys where payments are better, but participation is more limited in terms of participants.

The minimum withdrawal payment is $50, so you must do several surveys to complete the estimated amount. The countries in which it is available are the following:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Australia.

Withdrawals can be done through PayPal or a check by mail, which makes it feasible.


Each of the survey pages is true, so you can use anyone to earn money on them. Persistence is what determines your success in the world of surveys, so you must persist. You can generate thousands of dollars a year in surveys if you set your mind using one of the pages studied.

Get Paid for Surveys