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Herum (RAM) Cryptocurrency

The Tron blockchain is an actually decent blockchain that has been mired in controversy due to the ridiculous marketing strategy of its founder Justin Sun. 

That said, Tron itself is a decent blockchain and has a substantial amount of projects on it. One of these projects is called Herum. We cannot call Herum a good project. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This article will offer a comprehensive review of Herum and explain why this project is definitely not one worthy of an investment. 

What is Herum?

Answering a question as basic as, “What does your project do?” is apparently a difficult feat for whoever wrote the whitepaper. 

We have read what Herum calls a whitepaper, it’s more of an FAQ, and still have no idea what Herum actually does. The whiteppaper was written by someone that has a very poor grasp of English, which is fine. Not everyone in the world is a native English speaker. 

However, a native English speaker should be hired to write a whitepaper in English. 

With that said, it appears that Herum is a sort of general cryptocurrency token that can be used in a variety of projects that Herum will launch. These projects include the following:

  • Real Estate
  • Software
  • Shopping
  • Social Media
  • “Herum products”
    • This includes a hardware wallet company, a centralized exchange, and a decentralized exchange.

That’s a lot of projects to launch, so what’s the plan for launching a real estate company and social media company? 

That’s not covered in the whitepaper. 

The Problems with Herum

There are obviously a lot of problems with Herum. We are not very impressed with this project and do not have anything positive to say about it. This section will outline every single thing wrong with this project. 

The Whitepaper is Horrible

The first problem with Herum is that the whitepaper is atrocious. There are a few criteria for a whitepaper to be considered good. These criteria are listed below:

  • It tells the investor what the project is about.
  • It has a roadmap that offers a timeline about when certain features will be added. 
  • It’s written in easy to understand language.
    • Technical aspects should be saved for the yellow paper. 

The Herum whitepaper meets none of those criteria. The whitepaper does not say what the project is about, it has no roadmap or timeline, and the writing is so bad that it looks like it was translated from another language into English. 

This is a huge problem because the whitepaper is supposed to tell investors what the project is about. 

How can you expect someone to invest in a project when they don’t know anything about it? 

Anonymous Founders

Herum has what appears to be anonymous founders. The “Team” page on their website has this:

That’s it – no name nor any information about them. 

Just a picture of one man with his back to the camera and another headshot type picture of a man. 

Who are these people? What are their qualifications to run a cryptocurrency project? Why should I trust my money with them? 

These two pictures do not answer any of these questions. 

The Project Promises Too Much

Again, it’s difficult to know what this project promises because the whitepaper is so horrible, but it reads like the project wants to become some sort of real estate company, release a cryptocurrency that is used globally like cash, launch a centralized exchange, launch a social media company, launch a hardware wallet company, and more. 

That’s way too many projects for a startup team to handle. Successful startups typically focus on doing one thing really well and then expanding outwards once they become a successful company. 

We have not heard of a startup trying to take over multiple industries from inception – that’s just a recipe for failure. 

Is $RAM a Good Investment?

No, Herum ($RAM) is not a good investment. This project is so bad it’s almost comical. 

The whitepaper does not explain anything, information about the team is limited to two pictures, the project makes massive, world changing promises, and their understanding of blockchain technology seems limited. 

We’ll add that the price history chart looks like this:

Those random spikes are because the trading volume is under $10 per day, so even a small order causes the price to drastically change. 

Such a small trading volume means that you will struggle to actually sell the tokens when you want to sell them. 

Is Herum a Scam? 

We will not say that Herum is a scam because we have not fully investigated the project. 

Calling a project a scam is a big claim to make, so it requires a lot of confidence. 

What we will say is that this project looks like a scam to us. In the world of cryptocurrency, if it looks like a scam, then it’s probably a scam. 

At a minimum, it’s a bad investment. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Herum is a laughably bad project. The website and whitepaper are both so horrendous that we have literally no faith in the competency of the team to actually launch anything valuable let alone innovative. 

This project looks like a scam to us and we strongly recommend avoiding this project as an investment. There are so many better projects out there for investment. 

Herum (RAM) Cryptocurrency