The 5 Top-Performing Stocks Of 2019

Owing to the difference in the performance of the S&P in the previous year and the present year, we can see a significant change.

Companies who have witnessed a rise in their stocks in 2019 are thereby quite different from that of 2018 because of S&P’s recovery from the consecutive dips of two years.

Last year was comparatively a “weak year,” accounting for the loss faced by a total of eleven sectors in the market. Moreover, most of the information technology companies have grasped their success within the first half of this year. Here we have listed below the top 5 stocks of 2019 that have outdone their all-time performances.


With a year-to-date return of 99.39%, COTY Inc stocks have been priced at 13.02 dollars. They are being hailed as the highest performer of the current year. The stocks of this beauty brand streamed up. It was because of its surprising performance in the second quarter of the year.  Also, according to the reports, the performance is way more than the estimated revenue and earnings per share of the company. Unlike any other year, the value of the stocks went up by 58% just in six days. Besides, there has been another elevation in the prices. It was a direct result of the company’s board announcing on 8th May 2019. They announced that the quarterly cash dividend per common share would be 0.125 dollars. After that, the road of the company only led upwards.

Xerox Corporation (XRX)

The Xerox Corporation is primarily known for its function of aiding companies with workplace software, digital printing methods, and document management. So far, its year-to-date return has been recorded as 78.44%, with the current price of 34.98 dollars, making it the second-biggest food stock of 2019.

Apart from a few price drops, the overall stock price has escalated by 74.19%, which is till date one of the highest price upsurges for the company. Statistics suggest that the whirlwind that has positively affected the company is calculated, leaving out the roll-down at the end of January 2019 accounted for 15.9% of the price following the earning records of the first-quarter. Moreover, the rest have witnessed a steady recovery after the company’s stock fell by 31.2% in December 2018.

Apart from these two pitfalls, XRX had to go through a slight decline at the end of May.  However, the company successfully recuperated from it and ensured that the growth for the rest of the year remains steady.

Chiptole Mexican Grill (CMG)

The third on the list for the five most significant food stocks of 2019, Chiptole Mexican Grill, a fast-food company, has received a year-to-date return of 68.33% with its current price of 725.89 dollars. The company has encountered this whooping progress because of this year. Its stock rose by 71.52%. Since February 2019, the price of the stocks has risen steadily after 11.4% on the 7th of that month.

However, during the end of May and the beginning of June, the company had to go through a decline. A decline that is quickly recovered from.

Furthermore, the reason for this could be the repercussion of higher costs that have been linked to the increased tariff rates. Moreover, Chiptole Mexican Grill shared with its investors the news of opening their 2500th branch. This is a massive step for a company that processes and operates every restaurant within its ownership all by itself.

Cadence Design System (CDNS)

The well-known software company Cadence Design System (CDNS) has ranked fourth this year amongst other companies fighting for their spot in the list of the most significant stocks of the present year so far. Their reports say that the shares of the company have increased by 64.14% in 2019. Also,  the overall growth can be equally divided amongst the months so far, except for a slight decrease in April and a graver one at the end of May. Both of these downfalls can be associated with the broader trend experienced on the S&P. After confronting these two plunges, Cadence Design System has recovered, which has led to the steady growth rate of the stocks for the remaining part of the year.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation (APC)

The fifth member of this list, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation or APC, has earned a year-to-date return of 60.38%, and their stocks are in the present priced at 70.32 dollars. This company is primarily based in Texas and specializes in the field of hydrocarbon exploration.

For the first seven months of the year, APC has recorded its growth of stocks by 60.38%, and its journey has been smooth. The month in which the company experienced its first steep was April. The company encountered a 32% surge in a single day after Chevron; the oil giant expressed its willingness to acquire APC.

The second one was by 11.6%, which came out as a result of the announcement from Occidental Petroleum. They claimed that each of the shareholders in Anadarko Petroleum Corporation would receive 38.00 dollars of cash. They would also receive 0.6094 shares of the former company against each share owned from APC’s common stock.

The company, since then, has been in a more or less steady spot. It has been developing on the profits that were received in April.

Limiting the list only to the stocks of these five companies would be an injustice. There were a few other ones who showed positive growth in the first two quarters of the year. The mentioned stocks below look promising for the remaining half. So, here are the other five stocks that you might want to consider in 2019:

  • Total System Services (TSS) – Current value: 128.77 dollars and Year-to-date return of 58.61%
  • Dentsply Sirona Inc. (XRAY)- Current Value: 57.86 dollars and Year-to-date return of 58.24%
  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)- Current value: 29.27 dollars and Year-to-date return of 57.64%
  • MSCI- Current value: 234.33 dollars and Year-to-date return of 57.63%
  • DISH Network Corporation (DISH)- Current value: 38.57 dollars and Year-to-date return of 56.19%
The 5 Top-Performing Stocks Of 2019