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What Will happen To Bitcoin On May 13 later? Is This a Good Sign For Traders?

Bitcoin is a currency that has successfully gained a position as an alternative form of investment. This type of exchange has not yet been recognized by the major countries of the world. Despite this, this currency is valued at thousands of dollars and continues to grow rapidly.

The halving scheduled for this 2020 will be produced on May 13, which generates high expectations for merchants. Based on previous years, Bitcoin is expected to have a maximum price acceleration that allows recovering the investment of many. While miners view this negatively for many people, this will be their arrival at the top.

Investors of this currency expect to be favored with the price, managing to sell their Bitcoin when this occurs. To better understand this situation and make predictions of what will happen, it is necessary to study history. Knowing what has happened in the past is the only way to predict what will happen this year.

In 2020 there have been many surprises such as the recent rise in coronavirus infections hitting the economies. Bitcoin has not escaped this situation by presenting a drop in its prices in the first quarter of the year. Of course, this Cryptocurrency has fallen on other occasions, so it should not be strange that it recovers again.

Many assure that the digital currency will rise again regardless of whether the virus continues to spread in the world. This is because after the reduction, the currency will gain value, and many people will be more interested. Without further ado, it is best to start doing a study of what happened in the mining reductions.

History of Bitcoin mining reductions

Bitcoin started trading in 2009, and it seemed a bit silly to invest in such a currency. However, thanks to the results obtained a decade later; this is an excellent form of investment. It has not been a secret to anyone that every four years, the currency has reached high values.

This is mainly because when currency issuance decreases, the price accelerates with demand. By completing a transaction block, several Bitcoin values ​​can be generated as a result. When halving occurs, this value is reduced by half, which means that less Bitcoin can be traded.

The miners are the ones that are most affected by this, but soon the price generates new miners. In 2012 the price of Bitcoin went from 12.35 to a value of $ 127 for each currency. In the same way, it happened in 2016 who had a value of 650, and it cost $ 758.

Although the value did not seem to be heavily influenced in 2016, a year later, Bitcoin had a significant rise. The historical maximum price was greater than 15,000 pains, although it later had a price regulation again. This Cryptocurrency has had a revaluation of more than 1000% after a decrease in the value of the blocks occurs.

Halving Bitcoin obtained by mining makes the demand greater than the market offer. Beyond what is happening this 2020 with the COVID-19, the value of this currency will continue to grow. Traders can take advantage of declines in this currency to make their investments and harvest it long-term after the decline.

What Do Traders Drink?

The most profitable investments in history have come from the greatest crises. There is a very noticeable difference between a merchant and an amateur, since the merchant does not get carried away by emotions. After miners achieve just 6.25 Bitcoin per block, prices may start to rise.

 This currency is the most viable to date, so traders can continue to trust it to win. As the world progresses, new people will join the Bitcoin investments, exploding at a price. Bitcoin’s value could even be above $ 100,000 or maybe a little more.

All this could be done by mid-2021, which does not seem to be a very long period. Traders should take advantage of Bitcoin’s crash to make some investments that aren’t too risky and wait for the results. As the recent outlook for the COVID-19 improves, markets are most likely to take their course.

This guarantees that the price will increase, which will allow merchants to make significant investments. It is too early to know what will happen after May 13. However, the outlook is positive for investment. Amid the disaster, all that remains is to invest money and trust that all this will be good for the coming years.

Today the price of Bitcoin is high in consideration of its beginning, which continues to give reasons to invest. Although there has been a reduction in the price in recent months, it has not been so significant. Many of Bitcoin’s reductions have been due to ill-intentioned campaigns to wipe out the solidity of this currency.

What to Expect from Bitcoin in the Future?

Many wonder about the future of Bitcoin because, by 2040, the generations of new coins by mining will have been fulfilled. However, a decade later, this currency is still afloat because everyone knows that it is a very real investment. Being afraid at this point in investing in Bitcoin is too silly because, so far, it has been the best investment.

The value of digital currencies will undoubtedly continue to grow after the 13th major with this reduction. Furthermore, with the stabilization expected after the end of the pandemic, the markets will be stable again. If you still have doubts about investing money in this currency, you can wait for the halving to pass and decide what to do.

The downside to waiting for the May 13 reduction to pass is that you can buy Bitcoin at high prices. However, this could calm the fears they have at the moment without knowing what the best thing to do is.


Bitcoin gave way to the technology of Cryptocurrencies if something went wrong was the end for them. Daily efforts are made to keep this market alive since it depends on cryptocurrencies being a legal value. Every day more people have understood that trading with Bitcoin can generate well-being.

Halving has been a well-thought-out way for Bitcoin creators to keep this currency afloat. Bitcoin may achieve great values ​​surprising many shortly. China expects Cryptocurrency investments to continue growing in its country once it controls the pandemic in its territory.

What Will happen To Bitcoin On May 13 later? Is This a Good Sign For Traders?